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Jayden's Work

  • Made @thesweetlifetattoo for my mate Jack! Thanks again bro
  • I have some scattered time available this week @thesweetlifetattoo shoot me a Dm for all bookings and enquiries 🦅🦅
  • Congorilla, available for tattoo @thesweetlifetattoo
  • Time available today to tattoo you! This skull is also available and would look better on your skin, colour or black and grey 😏 @thesweetlifetattoo Dm me for details
  • Made @thesweetlifetattoo thanks James!
  • For sale, Dm if you’d like to own this A4 🦍
  • Jungle cat picked from my flash today and healed one shot snake done a month ago on Chris, thanks mate! Made @thesweetlifetattoo
  • Dm me to fill yo gaps @thesweetlifetattoo
  • Thanks Declan! Made @thesweetlifetattoo
  • More collage styles, this ones for sale! 11X14 mixed media, if you’d like to own this original for $150 send me a Dm 🙌🏻
  • Time available today for tattoos @thesweetlifetattoo send me a Dm or call the shop for bookings and enquires 🌹
  • What appeared to be a loss will turn out in your favour 💀

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