Jarrad Serafino




Jarrad specialises in American traditional and Japanese designs, both small and large. With 6 years of experience in street shops Jarrad is well rounded in most tattoo styles and is able to tackle anything that comes through the door.

Always with a positive attitude, Jarrad enjoys working closely with the client to achieve a timeless piece that will age gracefully with the individual wearing it.

Jarrad's Work

  • SYDNEY - @the_darling_parlour FLASH WEEKEND 25th - 26th August

PERTH - @wa_ink_tattoo FLASH WEEKEND 1st - 2nd September 
35 designs to choose from, cya there ;)
  • Instagram Image
  • Big tiger on the shin for my esteemed colleague @emma__d , cheers mate! hard one to photo
  • #jorogumo on the knee, thanks for sitting tough Joel! @lofi_superstar
  • Hannya for tatt man @samswilson , cheers mate!!
  • Some recent ones
  • Pharoahs horses for my friend @torleongtattooer , he copped it sweet!
  • Matching pair for Shin, thanks mate! Made at @wa_ink_tattoo Jarrad.s@hotmail.com for appointments
  • Progress for Zach’s lower leg, made at @wa_ink_tattoo , jarrad.s@hotmail.com for appointments
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  • Available for tattoos
  • Skull and rose to finish Cal’s arm off, cheers! Back at work soon, jarrad.s@hotmail.com for appointments

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