Jarrad Serafino




Jarrad specialises in American traditional and Japanese designs, both small and large. With 6 years of experience in street shops Jarrad is well rounded in most tattoo styles and is able to tackle anything that comes through the door.

Always with a positive attitude, Jarrad enjoys working closely with the client to achieve a timeless piece that will age gracefully with the individual wearing it.

Jarrad's Work

  • Available for tattoos
  • Skull and rose to finish Cal’s arm off, cheers! Back at work soon, jarrad.s@hotmail.com for appointments
  • Instagram Image
  • Mini koi fish, colours by request, thanks Carina!
  • Working on it #omamori
  • A painting for my Mother. I’m away for the next month, email me if you’d like a tattoo after mid June, cheers! 🇯🇵
  • Mini tiger for my friend @symoneybonez
  • Colour study for @samott_khan ‘s backpiece, we’re a few sessions deep with a long way to go!
  • Instagram Image
  • Samuraii on horseback, Half healed half fresh, cheers Joel!
  • More fineline for Aaron, cheers bro!
  • A beheaded Oni Shuten Dōji (little drunkard) bites Minamoto no Yorimitsu

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