Jarrad Serafino




Jarrad specialises in American traditional and Japanese designs, both small and large. With 6 years of experience in street shops Jarrad is well rounded in most tattoo styles and is able to tackle anything that comes through the door.

Always with a positive attitude, Jarrad enjoys working closely with the client to achieve a timeless piece that will age gracefully with the individual wearing it.

Jarrad's Work

  • Bakeneko (changed cat)
  • Namazu (mythical catfish that causes earthquakes)
  • Jōrogumo (woman-spider)
  • Honoured to put this Oni on @tanya_dsm !
  • Cheers Matt! Made at @wa_ink_tattoo . Jarrad.s@hotmail.com for bookings
  • 🤷‍♂️
  • I enjoy this style, hmu if you do too
  • One session left to wrap up Lucas’ Oiwa backpiece
  • Michaels sleeve touched up and finished off from a couple weeks back, hope to get some nicer photos once it’s all settled.
  • Skull peony for Rose, next to a great one by @jess_swaffer ! First one back at @wa_ink_tattoo , email or DM for bookings, jarrad.s@hotmail.com
  • Last tattoo for the trip made on my mate and tatt wiz @doc_basil , thanks for having me @chapeltattoo !!
  • Made some prints of these two paintings, DM if your interested. In Melbourne for the next two days if you wanna pick em up otherwise can ship anywhere.

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