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  • So much fun doing this one yesterday.
Proper tats done daily at @thesweetlifetattoo for bookings and inquiries
  • If you know me in real life you know I got passion for (large german) k9s..
Skulls healed @thesweetlifetattoo
  • I do walk-ins like that most days at @thesweetlifetattoo
  • Couple from my flash (above healed one) @thesweetlifetattoo
  • ⁉️⁉️ We are hosting a flash day this Saturday the 6th at @thesweetlifetattoo.
I will be tattooing these designs!
I hope to see you all there ❤️
  • Fully healed, spotted at @thesweetlifetattoo
For bookings and inquiries
  • Single needle tats like this available most days at @thesweetlifetattoo
  • Done at @thesweetlifetattoo on the homie @brunswick_burnout who where getting tattooed from me since the very beginning and still does today!
Time next week:
  • MELBOURNE I am now working at @thesweetlifetattoo from monday 17th onwards! Email me at for any inquiries or just walk-in
  • Right in the ditch for the pitbull whisperer @mydadwasaparatrooper done at @lowbrowtattoo MELBOURNE I’m back the 8th of June time to tattoo anything
  • Lovers done @lowbrowtattoo
  • Little single needle homie straight up posted done at @lowbrowtattoo 
Time to tattoo tomorrow and thursday:

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