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  • Squeezed in this fun one to end the week @lucky13tattoomelbourne  thanks heaps Jesse ! Dm me to set up a tattoo next week thank you ! πŸ‘€
  • Some lived in tattoos. I didn’t do the teeth if you want a tattoo please dm me or contact the shop @lucky13tattoomelbourne  thank you 😊 !
  • New sheet for the walls ready to wear if you would like a tattoo please dm me or contact @lucky13tattoomelbourne  thanks! 🌚
  • Little Upside down vase made over some scars @lucky13tattoomelbourne to book please dm or call the shop ! Thanks πŸ™
  • Squeezed this one in on my friend @yj_tattoos no pressure ! Thanks bro to get tattooed please contact me or the shop @lucky13tattoomelbourne thankyou all ! ❀️
  • A few drawn on ones today for terry thanks heaps man I really appreciate it ! Time next week to tattoo whatever please dm me 😎
  • Lines almost healed thanks bastien . I would love to start more large projects @lucky13tattoomelbourne I have time this week please dm to book thankyou ! πŸ‘Œ
  • New one for the walls would love to tattoo any of these @lucky13tattoomelbourne thanks x
  • Fun one from today @lucky13tattoomelbourne tattoos made to fit if you want one please dm me thankyou x
  • Fun one from today @lucky13tattoomelbourne if you would like a tattoo please make my day and dm me thankyou all x πŸ–€
  • Fun one from today to end the week always happy to tattoo please dm me if you want one ! @lucky13tattoomelbourne thanks ⭐️
  • Super fun one today for @greatwhitesloth thanks heaps bro if you'd like to get tattooed please dm me πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈthankyou ! β€’
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