Raz's Work

  • Snake and dagger for Chris.. Thanks for getting this man, was great catching up 🙏
DM or email to make a booking 🐍
  • Trad dragon from the other day 🐉 
DM or email to make a booking..
  • Octopus tattoo from the other day... DM or email for bookings 🙌🐙 #melbourne #tattoo #octopus #blackandgrey #ink #traditional
  • Have this witch design up for grabs!
To make a booking DM or email- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • As of next week I'll be working from @thesweetlifetattoo in Northcote along side these legends - @dan_arandatattoos @jayden_happel @henrylytattoo
Stoked to be a part of an awesome environment and such a good crew.
Come by and get something rad from me!
  • Cheeky freehand cheek tattoo for the bro @mattbeckford 
More of this stuff please! 
Inquiries- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • Samurai hand tatty for the legend...more like this please! 
Inquiries- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • Lovely lady for a lovely lady!Thanks for being a bad ass and collecting this from me...
Inquiries- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • Palm size portrait taken off a 1 inch Polaroid from the 60's. I love doing these... Especially when your client is rad and understands you need to adapt the original image so you don't end up with a big black blob on your arm. 
Thanks for the trust Zaya. 
You're the man! 
Enquiries- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • All healed! a little bit more to go on this! Will eventually be a full sleeve...
Thanks for your dedication man 🙌🏼
  • Asiatic lion warrior and Katar sleeve in progress...
Inquiries- raztattoos@gmail.com
  • Freehand Bengal tiger to finish off 2017...
Thank you to all of my loyal clients for keeping me busy this year. I couldn't do what I love without your support. Looking forward to what 2018 brings!
Inquiries - raztattoos@gmail.com

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