Rowan Kennedy




Rowan began his tattooing career in 2010, in Nunawading, Melbourne, Australia. Rowan's preferred style is bold traditional with bright colour, though is also a versatile tattooer and enjoys working in a variety of different styles.

He has been somewhat of a nomad tattooer working in many places around the world including New Zealand, America, United Kingdom, Europe and throughout Australia before settling back in Melbourne.

Rowan's Work

  • Skull filler done @wa_ink_tattoo I have time today. Shoot me a dm to get a tattoo.
  • Eagle today @wa_ink_tattoo got a bit of time tomorrow arvo and Tuesday. Dm or email for appointments. Thanks.
  • Dm or email for bookings. @thesweetlifetattoo thanks
  • New sheet I painted. For bookings dm or email. I have space on Perth @wa_ink_tattoo and back @thesweetlifetattoo on the 19th thanks.
  • Added this skull to @endlessrest arm. Thanks bro! I'm in Perth this week back @thesweetlifetattoo on the 19th dm or email for bookings thanks
  • I still have some time free when I visit @wa_ink_tattoo July 13-18. Shoot me a dm or email. Thanks
  • Fun tattoo today @thesweetlifetattoo I have time tomorrow dm or email. Thanks
  • Healed cross and heart. I have time to tattoo tomorrow dm or email. Thanks
  • Bloody inner thigh for Jen. Next to a healing tattoo by me. @thesweetlifetattoo time this week. I'll be filling in for one of the guys on Wednesday also if you want to get tattooed dm or email. Thanks
  • For bookings dm or email. Thanks
  • Keen to tattoo these. Dm or email me to sort it out. Thanks @thesweetlifetattoo
  • I'll be doing a guest spot shorty @wa_ink_tattoo shoot me a email or dm to book a tat. Cheers

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