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  • Made @rockofageslennoxhead from my flash. Would be so keen to do some more tigers along these lines. If that’s your jam, or you would want something else email me to make a booking randotattoo@gmail.com or contact the shop.
  • Would love to tattoo these. Email randotattoo@gmail.com or contact the shop @rockofageslennoxhead
  • Made @rockofageslennoxhead email randotattoo@gmail.com for bookings plenty of time in the next few months be stoked to do some more traditional stuff like this. I have a heap of designs ready to go or send me your own ideas.
  • Designs available! Email randotattoo@gmail.com to make a booking or contact the shop @rockofageslennoxhead  I have time available all this month! Would love to tattoo these or any other ideas.
  • Today on Shi-Anne @mizzshi.fly Thankyou  made @rockofageslennoxhead email randotattoo@gmail.com more like this please. I have plenty of flash to choose from or your idea more than welcome!
  • On @kodeywilford thanks mate done @rockofageslennoxhead
  • On @s_morritt thanks mate. Made @rockofageslennoxhead email randotattoo@Gmail.com for bookings or contact the shop
  • Butterfly on the ditch made @rockofageslennoxhead on @robbiekirkwood thanks mate, for bookings email randotattoo@Gmail.com
  • On @robbiekirkwood made @rockofageslennoxhead one of two today cheers legend, looking forward to tattooing some more traditional ones if that’s what you want email randotattoo@Gmail.com or contact the shop
  • On @belynda153adams made at @rockofageslennoxhead for bookings email randotattoo@gmail.com or contact the shop, thanks for looking!
  • On @joshbirdie cheers mate. Bookings available at @rockofageslennoxhead email randotattoo@Gmail.com for a spot, or contact the shop!!!
  • On @joshbirdie thanks mate. One of the two we did that day. Email randotattoo@Gmail.com for bookings or contact the shop @rockofageslennoxhead

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