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  • Thanks Glenn you legend! Bookings for Lennox Head @rockofageslennoxhead  email randotattoo@gmail.com or contact  the shop
  • Gap filler. For bookings email randotattoo@Gmail.com
  • Healed 4.5 years. On @rachaelsmachael thanks for being loyal!!!!!!!! And always getting rad tattoos. Tattooing Rock of Ages Lennox head. Email randotattoo@gmail.com to make bookings
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  • Announcement! I’m super stoked to be working full time with an amazing new team, @rockofageslennoxhead up in Lennox Heads, Northern NSW as of the end of November actual dates tba. I’m really great full that I have this opportunity to move my amazing supportive family @uniqueyourselfnow , Baby Nate and other one on its way (I love them so much) all the way from Victoria. I’m taking new projects at my email randotattoo@gmail.com can’t wait to re create our lives up there. Big Thankyou to all my supportive family and friends, and all my new and loyal customers it’s been an epic journey. Special thanks to @dan_dingotattoos from @broken_arrowtattoos604 in Ballarat for having me on board and also @dan_arandatattoos from @thesweetlifetattoo for also having me much appreciated. See you soon Northern NSW!
  • 4 years healed ! Taking bookings for end of October and through November email randotattoo@gmail.com
  • Added more to @samilee9 arm. Flowers on shoulder healed. Email randotattoo@gmail.com for bookings
  • For bookings email randotattoo@gmail.com
  • Black and grey one the other day. For bookings for September email randotattoo@Gmail.com
  • Tiger available for tattoos. Email randotattoo@gmail.com if it's for you!! 🐯🐯🐯
  • Thanks Blake. Email randotattoo@gmail.com for bookings done @broken_arrowtattoos604
  • Couple of heads! Email randotattoo@gmail.com to make bookings

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